Liliane Kupina (Aucun sujet)

Alma 1968: Réprimandes, fessées, chicanes. École.
Jennifer vit le premier deuil d’une amie et de sa famille.
Angoisse d’une fillette issue d’un foyer perturbé.
Jennifer huit ans raconte la vision de son foyer dont la mère, Rose est exaspérée.

English resume:
Page 50.
Speechless wall (Based on a true story of Jennifer)
My character and my anger
Narration: Jennifer eight years old:
Mom often reproaches me for having inherited my father's bad temper because I get angry. The only way to calm myself down when I'm having a hysterical fit is to administer myself is to spank myself, even in public. Everyone agrees when mom discusses my bad temper. I am ashamed. I feel dirty. I know that I am hateful child. I am like a volcano which explodes without warning. Mum at home pulls out the wooden spoon to calm me down if I throw myself on the ground and start screaming in terror. I run and hide in safety under the bed make promises to her that I will stop having fits. I don't want her to spank me. I stay safe deep in my distress under the bed I tremble in my head and in my stomach, I feel great sadness and wait for it to run out. Mom is exhausted because of my brother Thomas and I who often quarrel over trifles. I hurl hurtful words at him then Thomas takes revenge, dragging me by the hair on the bedroom floor. t hurts me, I scream at mum to stand up for me but mum responds: -What else do you expect with your dirty tongue. You draw the blows. - Thomas is forgiven because he is gentle and me, I deserved to be het. Once I had so much pain that I went to take refuge at my grandmother Emilie who loves me. Mom had said very loudly that I should hold you back for 20 years with your character of pig but I I pity the husband who will have to put up with you for his life.
I pity the husband who will have to put up with you for his life. His words hurt me deeply.

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